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2 New Tracks

Those tracks are extremely hot !!!!

Bishop Lamont - My Mama

Bishop Lamont - I'm Ill

Monday, November 30, 2009

Bishop Lamont wrapped up in a Celebrity Sex Scandal?!

Rumors are beginning to fly that Aftermath’s Carson native allegedly had an affair with actress Katie Holmes. ;) Speculation of these events began when a leaked phone call of Holmes’ spouse, Tom Cruise, calling Bishop Lamont and threatening him. To add more fuel to the fire, a clip from an upcoming issue of People Magazine addresses the possibility of a “hush-hush” affair between Holmes and Lamont, including a rumored sex-tape between the two. At press time, neither of the aforementioned individual’s have made an official comment on the matter.

This wouldn’t be the first time one of the Good Doctor’s prized artists found themselves immersed in trouble or controversy. In the early 90’s, Snoop Dogg was on trial for murder and in 2000 Eminem stood trial for pistol whipping a bouncer outside a club. Bishop already made people talk with the controversial street album “Nigger Noize” he released to fans in 2007. A street album that even had MTV ask: “Bishop more controversial than Eminem?”. It seems the controversy will only get deeper as Bishop plans to release a new street album titled “Team America: Fuck Yeah!” with Indef by the end of November. The mix-tape is slated to have appearances by Nate Dogg and Warren G. among others.

Bishop will also release the follow-up to his critically acclaimed street album “Caltroit” with Black Milk early next year, titled “Caltroit: Metropolis”. Also planned for 2010 is his eagerly anticipated debut, “The Reformation”, scheduled to be released after Dr. Dre’s “DETOX” album. Dre as well as label mates Eminem and 50 Cent are said to appear on “The Reformation” among others.

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Bishop Lamont & Indef - Team America ***Fuck Yeah*** Special Forces


The street album is push back, it drops the 11.20.09

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Team America : Fuck Yeah Special Forces

The street album with Indef drop this saturday

From Bishop's Twitter page:

Everyone follow ---> @Indef we droppin "Team America" this Saturday! He got a crazy record w/ Warren G & Nate Dogg chuuch!

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Bobby Light feat Bishop Lamont & Ryu - Dirty Girl pt2

This new shit was play yesterday at MTV


Another Pic With Bobby Light

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Acclaim Street Lifestyle Magazine Interviews Bishop Lamont (September)

How has being on Aftermath impacted the way in which you create music?

I mean. You’re on a world stage. You’re not just making music for your neighbourhood or another hood. You’re making music for the world. It broadens your horizons as far as how hard you go in on creating a record. It amplifies everything and with that comes a responsibility to do something phenomenal and impactful coming behind the likes of Dre, 50 and Em.

So your upcoming projects aren’t necessarily going to have a West Coast sound?

I mean, with the heritage of where I’m from the West Coast element is always gonna be there. But it’s just about ill music, period! I mean, I know a lot of ill niggas from New York that sound like niggas from Long Beach. I know a lot of cats from Compton, Watts that sound like they’re from Brooklyn. Naamean?

Your next mixtape is “No Country for Old Men” with Crooked I…

Yeah but we gotta put that on hold. Cause you know Crooked was involved in some bullshit. Praise god that he’s alive and he’s well. Fuck the hater that did that. Right now we just need Crooked to get well. So right now it’s just about finishing up [my album] The Reformation… finishing up Detox, Xzibit’s new album, Warren G’s new album…

I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about the concept behind The Reformation. Where does this title come from?

The Reformation was a point in history in early Europe where the people rebelled against the law and the church to re-establish a right way of living. I look at the music business in the same way. That kind of rebellion is necessary in HipHop. It’s necessary in our society today. It’s about reforming things, destroying the old and building the new. If there are things that need to be rectified, they’re going to be rectified. It’s the rebuilding of the West Coast, it’s the rebuilding of Hip Hop - period. It takes intricate parts from East Coast, from the South, from the West, Detroit… all over! And it’s just great that everybody is feeling it and is in tune with it.

What are some things in particular you wish to reform in the music business?

The basic things. It’s about going back to originality. It’s about going back to the supreme architects of production. People should know about Large Professor, people should know about Lord Finesse, people should know about Buck Wild, people should know about Clark Kent, people should know about Primo, Selaam Remi and The Beatnuts. Stop chasing all these corny producers just because they got hits on the radio. Back in the day that wasn’t HipHop. Niggas got with the ill shit and made ill shit. I want people to start being individuals again. I want people to start getting on that Wu Tang again when niggas got with the grimiest illest shit because that was their chamber. People had their chambers of Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Tribe, Kingpin because that was their chamber. Whatever it was people had their separate universe, but we all coincided. So with “The Reformation” it’s about getting down and being about originality and being leaders and being individuals and coming with a new flavour instead of everybody sampling and borrowing and coming with the same flavour, the same technique, the same direction. We need to be about going against the grain again, being rebellious again, actually putting thought into your music, actually having a cause, saying something. Niggas aint saying nothing now. It’s all corny. You can see through niggas.

So are we likely to hear Souljah Boy on your album?

Oh (laughs), you’re funny. You know what though? No matter what people say about Souljah Boy he’s a young man and he’s doing the kind of music he loves so you can’t be mad at him. But do I listen to Souljah Boy? No! I’m a grown ass man. I come from another era of ill shit. But I love that little dude because he’s a real ass dude and he’s doing what he does. If he said that he’s better than Nas or that he’s bringing that real HipHop shit, then I would be mad at him. But he’s making fun music for the kids. That’s not the revolution. But I love that dude. We might hang out some time, we might party, I don’t fucken know. We might even do a song, who knows! (laughs)

Originally you were scheduled to come out before Em, 50 n Dre. And many people looked at your single “Grow Up” as the release that signified the beginning of the new Aftermath movement. What has happened since this release?

Well basically just label stuff. Jimmy [Iovine] wants the juggernauts first because things are just so fucked up at the label as far as red tape with deficits, you know? I was about to blast off, but Jimmy’s boss and he was like “Yo, we need these cats first before we can pour money into a new artist. We need to get this money right first with Em, 50, Detox then BOOM! The world is yours”. But I’m glad that we were at least allowed to unleash [Grow Up] for people to get a feeling for where I’m taking the movement and of what I have to give to the game. I stand alone from anything that’s come out of there yet.

I’d imagine that this situation would end up working out a lot better for you anyway as far as the momentum you get to enjoy?

Oh shit it’s beautiful. It gives me more to time to really get the album finished and really understand how everything works. I mean it’s a much higher level than what people know. I get to understand the politics and work at the biggest label in the world. It’s a whole other thing though. It’s not just about writing rhymes. You gotta be in them offices. You gotta be in the meetings with these executives. There’s a whole another level that goes with it. So it’s just made me that much more of a savvy businessman as well as another juggernaut coming into the game. It’s a beautiful thing.

That’s a really interesting point, how you can’t just be an artist any more. You have to be an entrepreneur as well…

Exactly, so I have that blessing and I’m just beasting and having a great time.

And most people are already familiar with you because you got that single out before it all went down

Right and when people bless it you get to go overseas. I aint even got an album out yet. It’s just the love. It’s just the movement and people are receiving it, so I’m back overseas again in a couple of weeks.

Where to?

I can’t say (laughs) It’s a surprise! But I’ve got to come to Australia though. Xzibit was telling me about it. Warren was telling me about it. I gotta come out there.

If I got pimps out there, if I got players out there, I gotta come rock with them.

Speaking of things that are being kept hush-hush… What’s the latest update with the Bigfoot album [Detox]?

Ha! He said the Bigfoot album! Dre just went to Vegas, he’s finishing off 50’s album getting that monster ready. Em is pretty much set to go again. They’re all in Vegas, getting fucked up and making great music. So yeah, that’s what’s up with the Bigfoot album (laughs)

I think I heard somewhere that over 2000 records have been recorded in the process of creating Detox

Shit, I think it’s even more than that really. I mean he has a vault of records that he’s been dibbling and dabbling with for about ten years now. So I can’t even imagine how many more he’s got in there. Imagine doing 75 records in two nights, just vibing and zoning. There aint no telling how many he’s got. I mean after 22 years he’s like, I’ve seen that, I’ve tasted that, I’ve ate that. So he’s really gotta come with something you’ve never seen before. He’s really gotta come come with something he’s never heard before conceptually and production-wise. That’s where the bar has been set. So it’s a serious thing to do. He has to go beyond himself to get to levels that he’s teeing in his mind. It’s rare that you can achieve what you see in your mind or even come close. So to come that correctly is an arduous task.

And I understand that this work ethic has even brushed off on you where you have created over 200 records for Detox.


But my question is… what’s going to happen with all this remaining material?

I couldn’t tell you man. It’s probably gonna sit in the vault or be used for something else. I never look back though. Once it’s done I keep looking forward. Either he cuts it or it makes the cut. It is what it is. My thing is about progression. My thing is about growth. If it aint about the future what is it?

At the same time though wouldn’t you like to be able to look back at your past works when you’re not feeling so creative and just see how you were thinking at that particular time?

Man, I don’t even look back. I really don’t even care [laughs]. I swear to god. You’re living for now, so you’re looking at it like “Okay, where are we?” And if I really want to get in to that chamber I’m not even going to listen to my own stuff. That’s like looking at your own highlight films. I’m gonna go listen to Wu Tang. I’m gonna go listen to Pharaoh Monche, know what I mean? I’m gonna go listen to the old Naughty by Nature, I’m gonna listen to The Outsiders, The Fugees. That’s what I’m gonna try study if I want to think about the old days, rock some Keith Murray or something. I’m not gonna go back to my own stuff, I don’t even care about that stuff. As soon as it’s etched in stone, it’s on to the next.

Tell me about some of the artists you mess with outside of the Aftermath camp

Talib, Common, Madlib, Illa J, Percee P, XL, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Nas, there’s so many people it’s just a blessing to move in these same circles and run into these fresh niggas. Black Milk…

Black Milk is incredible. How did you guys come about doing mixtapes together?

Through my man Hex when I first met Slum Village. At the time my nigga RJ and Black Milk were still BR Gunner. And we just stayed in contact. I think the first thing we did was on the weekend of Proof’s (D12) funeral. Rest in Peace. And we did our first joint called “Go Ape”. From then it was on. It was my man Hex’ idea for us to do a whole album together, so I can’t take all the credit.

What about the more immediate people you have around you? The cats thatyou are trying to bring up?

Oh yeah. We’ve got this new Hot Box [mixtape] that Whoo Kid’s hosting with Pr1me, Dae One, Noe Spitz, G.O, JRK, Diverse, Rocket, Infa Red, Flave, Big Wise Young Dre [Dr Dre’s son], Joe Moses. I could be telling that shit all day long!

And do you plan to have a sub-label for these guys the same way Em and 50 have?

I’ve already got [my label] “Diosys”, so you know we’re putting fresh cats out. I’ve just got to rub my album off first. I’m only doing three albums, period. Then I’m getting behind the desk. Me and my partners want to build Diosys to be the label that every artist dreams of coming to. I only have so much to say that’s necessary for the doors to open and for us to converge and move to where we need to be. So I’m gonna be more on the business side. We’re gonna build a ship, from HipHop to alternative, if it’s ill we’re doing it.

What are you leaning towards as far as alternative?

Man, I don’t care! If cats can compare to this rock group I’ve found called the New Royales, there it is! If they’re ill, there it is! If it’s some ill jazz, there it is! I don’t care! I listen to everything. I’m looking for the next embodiment for all these different genres, cause right now everything has been so watered down and it’s not that revolutionary shit. It’s not that cutting edge shit. All I want to manufacture is the Mega, the amazing. I don’t want to be like other labels who say “Oh, we do HipHop and R[[[[[&]]]]]B” It’s gonna be alotta different genres.

I heard the story about how you were originally wanting to be signed Kanye West?


I can’t imagine you being on Kanye’s roster.....

(Awkward silence) … Why couldn’t you imagine that?

Because “Mohawks, tight jeans just aint you” (quoting an extract from “Grow Up”)

(Laughs hysterically) Bless your soul man. I mean again, everybody’s got their style but for me this is how I get down. But they’re family, you’d be surprised at who I get down with. It’d be the same thing if I happened to come out under Kanye, you probably couldn’t picture me being on Aftermath working with Dre. There was a time when I could have been signed with Dame Dash or Jay-Z. In the same way I’m sure you couldn’t even picture me being on Rocafella, you know

Have you had any more correspondence with The Game since you were calling him “Baby Girl”?

Nah you know what? We’re done with that. I just had to get at homie right. Homie was disrespecting me but at the end of the day I don’t believe in restless shit. I don’t have a problem with dude. Dude just does sideways shit sometimes to get attention or to feel like he’s the biggest nigga on the West Coast. I don’t get down like that. I spread love. I roll with everybody. Things are good with dude. At the end of the day, his mama and my mama go on vacation together. So I’d look real stupid if I wanted to beat this nigga up and hurt this nigga. But his other man we had to beat the shit out of at the club that night. But we good now. Sometimes you just gotta beat peoples asses to get their minds right, you know. So it’s love to that nigga. Some day you WILL see me and Game on a record together. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. His big bro [Big Fase 100] that’s my man, his little sister B-Fly that’s my little sister. So we’re all family regardless, know what I mean.

The stance you took from the start pretty much told me that ultimately you’d love to be able to just keep it peaceful and even work together.....

Yeah, ‘cause it aint shit to me. Everybody’s tryna make it on the West Coast. Everybody’s tryna do they thing. I’m about unity, so when you’ve got people causing division you gotta deal with that adequately. As much as I’m a peaceful nigga, I’m a warrior at the same time. I’m a General. I have to be setting the guidelines and organising these things correctly. That’s nothing to me. Cats wanna do records, lets do records. It’s all love. Let’s get it.

I think I read somewhere that you even tried to give Game a book on leadership?

Oh nah, that was his little man. That was someone I tried to teach. But the dudes a little gypsy rapper, the dudes a little rapist. I mean that’s one of the dudes I beat up, so we’re off of that now. It’s love for Game. But no love for bitch ass niggas. No love for cowards. No love for Judaists. We slay Judaists. That’s what that is. My arms are open. I embrace niggas with love. But if niggas want otherwise I’m gonna give you the Hannibal kind. I’m gonna give you the history of what I come from.

Haha. Like for example, what you did to DJ Strong?

Ha! DJ Thong! But let’s get off the negative though I don’t care about those dudes. We about Detox, we about the Relapse albums, we about Before I Self Destruct, we about the G-Files (Warren G’s new album)

Well then on a more positive note what else would Bishop Lamont like to achieve in his lifetime beyond music?

Just being able to provide for the communities. I’m setting up foundations now. I’m setting up a kickboxing and mixed martial arts school and some other things to keep kids out the streets. Ummm… more work in the churches, more work in politics. There’s a lot of things I want to do, that’s why my time is short in the music business. I gotta get what this is, but God has a greater plan for me. I mean some day I’ve got to return to the church being the true Bishop I’m supposed to do. There’s a lot of fresh stuff out there for me. I don’t wanna say too much else. I need to stay stupid right now. I gotta seem like I’m just another rapper. Naaameeean? (laughs)

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Taje - Hot Box 3 : Hold Ya Breath (Street Album)

Here’s Taje’s bangin new project, featuring production from Focus, Dae One, DJ Khalil and more!


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Black Kent feat Bishop Lamont - Pass That

When French rap meets with American rap .. Black Kent Feat Bishop Lamont - "Pass That". On his first single off the upcoming album, Yes I Kent, young rapper Black Kent gets help from Aftermath's Bishop Lamont on "Pass That."


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Info : New Mixtape

To keep The Reformation waiting which will go out probably in 2010, Bishop Lamont is going to bring out a mixtape or rather a street album with the mc of Santa Monica, Indef, for " Team America, Fuck Yeah " who will be produced by Damizza and who still announces as a good small album and it is planned for Fevrier on 2010!!

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Old Song

A Verry Verry Verry Hot Song Wich Is In The Soudtrack Of The Movie "Havoc", A Movie Of Anne Hathaway
I Post This Song Now Because It's Not On The Blog. Don't Miss This Song !

Download : Bishop Lamont - Welcome To Havoc

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Triler : 513° F

This is the trailer of a movie called 513° F where Bishop Lamont appears as an actor. No release date yet.

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Bishop Lamont & Friends At House Of Blues Sunset On May 30th

It’s the 2nd annual Bishop concert at the House Of Blues in on May 30th, and if you went last year, you know what the fuck is up! Confirmed guests performing include Warren G, Pr1me, Planet Asia, & Demigods, along with exclusive DJ sets from Drama of MTV’s “Fantasy Factory,” Eric D-Lux of Power 106, Mr Choc of the World Famous Beat Junkies, and Julian Ramirez of Cali Untouchables. Expect more special guest appearances as well!


Bishop Lamont Promo Vid For House Of Blues Concert

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Pr1me - DJ Far Freestyle

Hot Pr1me Freestyle Who Is A Rapper Close To Bishop

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bishop Lamont feat Ricasshay, Noni Sptiz & Mike G - The Union

Very Hot New Track. Take This Dope Track !!!

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Friends (NODJ Quality)

I Post The NODJ Quality Of This Song, Before It Was The Song Of A Mixtape


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Bishop Lamont - Friends


A New Song Which Is An Extract Of The Mixtape "Get Loud". It's A Nice Song
Shouts Out To : The West Come Up Blog For The Song
Link : Bishop Lamont - Friends

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Bishop Reveals Interscope's '09 Plans & More ...

For Los Angeles natives, only getting drafted by the Lakers can top signing a deal with Dr. Dre, the legendary producer who has directly or indirectly helped shape the career of nearly every great rapper the city has produced in the last 20 years.

But four years ago, when Carson-raised Bishop Lamont released his first mixtape, “Who I Gotta Kill to Get a Record Deal,” the idea of signing with Dre seemed quixotic. Originally, his goal was to ink a contract with Kanye West, who had been rumored to have liked Lamont’s debut. So when Lamont learned that West was slated to appear in the video for the Game’s “Dreams,” he and his friend Glasses Malone (currently signed to Cash Money Records) broke onto the set, swiped a video cart and loitered around the craft services table, waiting for the self-proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" to appear.

Instead, Dre emerged from a nearby trailer, causing Lamont to jettison his original plan and beg a mutual friend for an introduction. Promising that he’d bump it on the drive home, Dre took a mixtape from the skeptical Lamont, who never expected to hear from him again. Yet two weeks later, on Power 106, Dre name-dropped Lamont and expressed his desire to meet him.

Nearly five years later, the now Aftermath-signed Lamont continues to labor on both Dre’s mythically delayed “Detox” and his own similarly dilatory debut, "The Reformation." To sustain subterranean buzz, he’s released six mixtapes in the interim, including "Caltroit," his 2007 collaboration with Detroit production phenom Black Milk featuring guest spots ranging from Dre, Busta Rhymes, Ras Kass and Royce Da’ 5’9".

It’s this readiness to breach the increasingly irrelevant gap between major label and independent, coupled with a brutal, unedited and hilarious honesty that makes Lamont so refreshing. Moreover, in the course of his seven mixtapes, Lamont’s flashed an artistic breadth that delineates him from the DatPiff horde, writing everything from introspective eulogies to crossover 50 Cent-like ballads to slaughterhouse battle raps.

While “The Reformation” remains sans release date, Lamont stays sanguine and always in the studio, planning a sequel to "Caltroit," continuing work on “Detox,” his own album and upcoming Xzibit and Warren G efforts — unless he gets drafted by the Lakers first.

You just got back from New York. What were you doing out there?
I was doing some records with 50 Cent, a little bit of radio stuff, a Source article, just trying to finish my record, doing some documentaries and DVD stuff for it. You know how it is.

Were the records with 50 for his album or yours?
For mine.

How’s it coming along?
It’s coming along amazing. I’m good friends with DJ Whoo Kid, and 50, Yayo and Banks are like my big brothers. So we set something up and they always show me love. I was trying to plug myself correctly in New York, because I rarely have the opportunity to get out there. 50 and Whoo Kid always give me the best advice on the industry.

So can we expect to see you in the next Pimpin’ Curly skit?
Pimpin’ Curly is between Rick Ross and 50. A lot of people have been trying to jump on the bandwagon and take sides, but I’m cool with both of them.

Last time we spoke, you’d expressed frustration about the time frame related to the release of “The Reformation.” Has the situation improved?
It always gets better. We’ve got a time in place. We have to put “Detox” out first and we’re finishing it now. Eminem’s going to drop soon, then 50, then Detox, then me and Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. Smash after smash. You’re always dealing with the politics of the labels, but it’s a million times better now. There’s a lot more communication.

You’d also mentioned a who’s who of producers that you were working with. Have you enlisted any new contributors?
It’s still a who’s who of producers [laughs]. We’ve got new amazing stuff from Scoop DeVille, that guy is incredible. And Kahlil, King Karnov, who is insanely good. Of course, Hi-Tek, Clark Kent, DJ Premier, there’s always somebody new. I’ve been fortunate to come in contact with a lot of amazing people. I’m looking forward to working with I also challenged Timbaland to a bench-pressing contest for a beat, so hopefully, I’ll get a beat from Timbaland.

How much can you bench?
450 pounds.

That’s insane.
That’s what stress and this business will do to you.

So how is the album itself progressing?
It just keeps getting better in terms of the direction of where I want it go. It’s like “America’s Next Top Model,” when a hotter model comes along, another one gets out. They still might get a contract and do magazine work, but I want to make sure that what I have is the freshest and best stuff out there. And, of course, continue to put out dope street albums for the people.

Whatever happened to your plans to make a “Team America: World Police"-themed project?
It still must happen, but “Caltroit: Metropolis" is probably the next thing I’m going to put out, and me and [highly regarded Long Beach rapper] Crooked I are doing a “No Country for Old Men” tape. I just don’t want to lose focus. When it comes to my album, I go into overdrive — I want all my craziest energy into the project.

So is it true that the “No Country for Old Men” tape is targeted at Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg?
Yup, they wanted to speak on Crooked and I in a derogatory manner, as though we couldn’t hold up the West Coast. We’re not doing it in a manner of trying to slander them, but we’re facing adversity in trying to establish ourselves and it’s frustrating to see guys we looked up to not wanting us to succeed, Snoop in particular. We still love those dudes, but we won’t tolerate any disrespect. It shouldn’t be like this, with outsiders looking at us and saying the West Coast has no unity. Those guys are like Larry Bird and Dr. J, they’re not still trying to play ball. Either show love or go to work as a color commentator... and it’s not like the old days, where we didn’t have our business down right. We know how to make it work. But if they don’t want to pass the torch and they think they can still ball, then they need to step on the court.

You also spoke about problems with the Game recently. How does that situation currently stand?
I’m not trying to hate on the Game. At the end of the day, his mom and my mom are close friends. They go on vacation with T-Pain’s mom and Lil Wayne’s mom. It’s an issue of disrespect. He knows what it’s about. I’m not on some Wrestlemania-type stuff; he talked about me and I dished it back.

If someone had never been to a Bishop Lamont show, what can they expect?
Always something ignorant, comedy, surprises. I’ll be sharing the light at the Knitting Factory show, giving shine and exposure to new artists. It’s about positivity. People come in with problems and you want them to leave with good energy.

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Bishop Lamont - Bitches On My Dick & Missile Testing [NO DJ/CDQ/DIRTY/FULL]


Finally The NODJ Version, This Track Is Very Hot
I Add A New Version Of Missile Testing Too
Bitches On My Dick
Missile Testing (Death To Infidels)

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Indef 2 New Songs


2 new tracks from Indef, who's a part of Bishop Lamont's WarDoggz crew. This first one is called "Hush" and it's produced by the talented Dae One. The second is called "Slurp Me!" and it's produced by JRK. Check the 2 track, itz hot (not on his last mixtape)

Indef - Hush (Prod by Dae One)
Indef - Slurp Me! (Prod by JRK)

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Pr1me feat Butch Cassidy - Who Wanna [Prod. by Dae One]


A track dropped this month, produced by Da One, check this shit, it's hot

Pr1me feat Butch Cassidy - Who Wanna [Prod. by Dae One]

His myspace if you want discover this artist :
If you want his mixtape, tell me, i'll upload it

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Bishop Lamont - Bitches On My Dick [VeryHot]


Yo, A New Track Produced By DJ Khalil, It's The DJ Version.
It's New, It's Hot, It's Here !
Bishop Lamont - Bitches On My Dick (Prod by DJ Khalil)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bishop Lamont, Crooked I & G. Malone : No Country For Old Men


Aftermath rapper Bishop Lamont is so angered by the lack of support he has received from West Coast veterans Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg that he has decided to attack both rappers on an upcoming collaborative album titled No Country For Old Men.

Lamont claims that every notable rapper from his coast has acknowledged or supported him expect Snoop and Ice Cube.

Lamont isn’t the only who feels the same way, so the Aftermath rapper joined forces with fellow West Coast emcees Crooked I and Glasses Malone to form a super group to release No Country For Old Men independently.

"It's about setting the record straight on all the politics and hating that goes on over here and in the industry, period," Lamont explained about the project. " It's gonna set the new level of where music is supposed to go across the board."

"Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg be hating on us," he continued. "Phony sh-- that goes on with these n---as that's supposed to be legends. We're gonna put all this sh-- out there. They got egos. I grew up with [Snoop] — I love dude, but music and money changes everything. We're going in. W e love you n---as and look up to you n---as, but you n---as ain't got the same love for us. What we supposed to do? We helped you n---as go gold, go platinum, go worldwide. We were the ones buying them records. We were the ones going to them shows, believing in you."

"It ain't an 'old versus young' thing, because Battlecat, Warren G, Kurupt, Daz, all these n---as support us," Lamont stressed." Why doesn't Snoop support us? Why doesn't Ice Cube support us? Cypress Hill supports us. Why does Dre stay relevant and he's been here for 22 years? He stays involved with new n---as. He extends the legacy. You got Xzibit, all these n---as riding with us and you wanna hate?"

"We're coming for that money," he added. "That old mentality of doing business and having n---as ghost-write for you and paying them crumbs and giving n---as bogus deals, all that is getting smashed out."

Lamont, who signed to Aftermath in 2005, has seen the release of his debut album The Reformation repeatedly delayed. The rapper revealed to MTV that he expects his album to hit shelves after Dr. Dre releases Detox this year.

A release date will be in the summer 09,Malone´s word is that these dudes will be in march or april in the lab to lay this shit down.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bishop Disses The Game (Video)

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Bishop claims that “baby girl” got beat up and robbed in Amsterdam.