Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bishop Lamont – The Lay Over (10/04/12)

WARNING! (Important notice to Hip Hop/Music listeners) 

We, as well as various other multi-media outlets, have been made aware that the ‘Bishop’ is returning. By the ‘Bishop,’ we mean Bishop Lamont. Many reports are suggesting that Bishop Lamont (real name Phillip Martin) will be releasing his excessively talked about street album “The Layover” on Thursday, October 4th, 2012. It is widely believed that this street album will be a precursor to the highly anticipated and eagerly talked about debut studio album by Bishop titled “The Reformation.”

We also know that Mr. Lamont has locked himself in the studio for months recording epic materiel for his music, which will no doubt find its way to “The Layover,” and ultimately, “The Reformation.” We genuinely urge our readers to be very careful when listening to the potential music coming from the Carson, CA native.

When listening to “The Layover,” please take heed as to the content and sound of Mr. Lamont’s music. This is a critical matter when it comes to public listeners. There are many rumors bubbling to the surface about surprises that will absolutely shock listeners. There is not a single human being alive, who can truly predict what Bishop will unleash to the fans this October, nor will anyone know what tracks, producers, or guest artists will surprisingly be on the album. All we can tell you is to be very careful since we do know that there are indeed some shocking surprises on the record that nobody would ever expect at this point in time.

DISCLAIMER: Bishop Lamont’s “The Layover” is not for the faint hearted. Listeners should be advised to anticipate powerful content and eargasmic music blasting through their speakers when listening to “The Layover.” It has been determined that pregnant women, elderly people, breastfeeding mothers, and skateboard riders can indeed listen to the album.