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Interview with DaveNY + Track with Bishop Lamont

I'm starting to post a new song with DaveNY, Rapper Big Pooh and Chali2na, produced by Astronote : iTunes link

Then, I post an interview of DaveNY who talks about about his past, present, and future; including what we can expect from his album “I Gotta Story to Tell,” his relationships with Bishop Lamont and J Dilla, to name a few, and a secret to the song “You Ain’t Fresh” that holds a connection to Dr. Dre and Detox!

First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview:

Thank you, pimp.

Tell us a little about your upbringing- where you’re from and coming up in the world:

I’m originally from Queens NY (Jackson Heights.) At 10 we moved to Co-op City the Bronx then out to LA at 15. Moving to LA at that time was like a twilight zone episode being from NY then moving out to LA and everyone was blonde hair blues- I was stuck like “yo where is everybody? NO Puerto Ricans” barely any brothers until busing inner city came into effect (shit was crazy.)

What and/or who motivated you to get into Hip Hop and music in general?

My boy Frankie had an older brother and he would play Kool Herc tapes and that’s what really started it all, then moving to the Bronx. The birth of Hip Hop just made it that much better because we would hear cats like Kurtis Blow, Busy Bee, Love Bug Starski, Cold Crush, and yes- even the Kool Moe Dee battle with Busy Bee! Everyone had those tapes. Then break dancing started & Graffiti and those right there took me to a whole other level (to bad the only thing I’ll break now is my back, hahahaha.)

You seem to be really cool with Bishop Lamont. What made you decide to join his Diocese label?

First of all, Bishop’s like my little brother. In just the 6 years I’ve known him, we’ve had some really dope times and some rough times, but we’ve always had each other’s back so there wasn’t a question about doing this project through Diocese. DJ Ice came up with the idea (got to give props where props are due), but at the end of the day I just felt more comfortable doing this project with Bishop & Diocese. We’re a family. Period!!!

What do you feel that you and the Diocese team can bring to Hip Hop that is currently lacking in the game?

The game is and has been lacking for some time now. The true elements except for a few emcees in the game… it’s as if we (as a hip hop culture) let corp. America run what we (I say we because it’s our culture and I’ve been in it since day 1) created as B-Boys and B-girls, Breakers, Graf writers DJs, Emcees… now Corp America runs it. What’s played on the radio, what videos to show (pre YouTube) all the elements from the beginning are locked up in Corp America’s basement all for cash checks. We all need to eat, but damn, controlling what we started pisses me off. I’m not hating on nobody but let’s look at Birdman, Jay-Z, Diddy, the 100s of millions these dudes have. What’s up with Kool Herc? The founder the creator of our culture? How many millions does he have? I don’t think he’s got 1! That shit ain’t right (but that’s me). And again, I’m not hating. They did what they did to get what they have… God Bless

Tell us about the process of landing vocals on Bishop Lamont’s acclaimed street single “You Ain’t Fresh.” We got to see you in the video, but many fans would love some behind the scenes info!

J DILLA – The greatest producer EVER was the most humble & positive dude I’ve ever been around and he asked me to talk my Dave NY shit for the Shinning album (track 5 BABY) he immortalized me by recording me and putting me on his final album and “You Ain’t Fresh” was originally for (Dr. Dre’s) Detox. Bishop felt if I was on DILLA’S final album and Detox was supposed to be Dre’s final album, Dave NY should be on it

Tell us about the lead single to your album “Music is All That I Got”?

It’s kind of funny because earlier that day or the day before, I was with Talib Kweli and he asked me where did my love from music come from, and later on when we were in the dungeon (studio) I was telling Bishop about that conversation as we were going through beats and BAAAAM, there was this MONSTER beat from Astronote and I had called Chali2na to come in to get on something else but it wasn’t as MONSTER as this joint and he fell in love with the beat as well, Rapper Big Pooh came into town a few days a week later and he said he’s never done anything with Chali2na before, so Bishop played the track- Pooh was like YOOOOOOOOO! I WANT ON THIS JOINT RIGHT HERE! The rest as you know is this banging single that’s OUT NOW lol

What can you tell fans about your album?

I’ve been blessed to know 85% of the dopest emcees in the game so I’ll tell you it’s going to be on some real, I do mean REAL HIP HOP shit, not this watered-down candy wrapper crap. I’ts going to be 100% pure Hip Hop like we had when lyrics made the songs, not just a dope beat. The album “I Gotta Story To Tell” is going to be just dope emcees helping me tell my story and hopefully bring back the roots of Hip Hop

When can we expect the album to drop?

As of right now, we’re looking at a Spring release. My birthday’s on May 6th, so maybe a b-day present for the world to share.

In addition to I Gotta Story to Tell and Bishop’s The Reformation, what can we expect from Diocese Records in the future?

As well as I know Bishop and how anal he is about what he puts out: “NOTHING LESS THEN MONSTER JAMS” from dope artists. And “I Gotta Story to Tell” is going to be just dope emcees helping me tell my story and hopefully bring back the roots of Hip Hop!

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