Saturday, October 23, 2010

Info : Bishop Lamont – Rain (Prod. By Dr. Dre)

Trick or Treat? It’s definitely the latter, as Bishop Lamont releases a brand new exclusive single on Halloween- Bishop’s birthday. The song, featuring Liz Rodrigues of The New Royales and produced by non other than the good doctor, touches upon a haunting and personal tale from Bishop’s past that occurred on the night of All Hollow’s Eve. Play very close attention to this story as it is indeed inspired by true events.

RAIN will also be accompanied by its official music video which seamlessly translates this dark story cinematically to your screen.

Keep checking and for the single and the street album, "The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3", which will drop the 1st November!

The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3 features Kurupt, Busta Rhymes, RBX, Talib Kweli, and Marsha Ambrosius, among others. This musical treasure also features production from Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, DJ Khalil, J. Dilla, Lord Finesse, Focus, and King Karnov, among others.



Anonymous said...

Bishop Lamont: Oh! I was about to say that, Damizza! I can give that one away. For me, it’s exciting with this album, man, because I’ve had so much more time to work on it than I expected. So it’s become so fuckin’ super-alpha-mega-ultra type shit right now that it’s stupid. I’ll give away one. It’s a record called “Rain” that Dre produced, featuring The New Royales. It’s based on my birthday, and it’s like a ghost story.
Damizza: It’s one of those imagery records, you know how Dre makes records where you walk through a scene? It’s like one of those. It’s a story-rhyme. It’s a beat like Dre hasn’t done in years. It just paints a picture in your mind of a dude walking through his birthday. He’s going crazy, this guy!
Bishop Lamont: My birthday’s on Halloween, so I always wanted to do a record for my birthday. Since it’s supernatural, I wanted to do something ill. It’s just dope. Focus and Oscar helped me together as well. [DJ] Khalil came in. Dre came in at times to hear it and said, “Man, you made me like that beat.” It be shit he didn’t even like. It just became amazing stuff, from the cinematic level of the “Rain.” The best way to simplify it is, it’s like my “Murder Was The Case” [click to read] a “Stan” [click to read].

yo said...

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