Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UPDATE (Old songs and mixtape)

Alright, I post some songs which I didn't have, or which I had forgotten to put on my blog. And there is a mixtape too. Propz to Cios and MiGHTY for some songs and the mixtape

Big Wy feat Bishop Lamont & Gangsta - I Run L.A. DOWNLOAD

Bishop Lamont - No Stoppin' Carson DOWNLOAD I don't know how I do to be able to forget this music. It is very very hot

Bishop Lamont feat 50 Cent & R Kelly - It Could've Been You DOWNLOAD

Bishop Lamont feat Prime, Indef, Friday, Oowee & Dee Brown - The Listening part.1 DOWNLOAD

Bishop Lamont ft. Glasses Malone & Chevy Jones - Up & Down [Prod by Scott Storch] DOWNLOAD

Damani, Sly Boogy & Bishop Lamont - L.A. L.A. (New York Remix) DOWNLOAD

Dutchez feat Bishop Lamont, Dr. Stank & Dirty Birdy- Headbanga Boogy (Produced By Dr. Stank) DOWNLOAD

Macadoshis feat Eastwood & Bishop Lamont - Hustle Hard DOWNLOAD

Strong Arm Steady feat Bishop Lamont. Mistah FAB, & Planet Asia - Sunny CA DOWNLOAD

Styles of Beyond feat Bishop Lamont - Savin' LA DOWNLOAD

The Reyes Brothers feat B-Real & Bishop Lamont - Fight Night DOWNLOAD


Now, 6 songs from "In The Mid-Nite Hour", Warren G's album

Warreng G - On My Mind ... 11.59 PM (Feat. Chevy & Bishop Lamont) DOWNLOAD

Warren G - Make It Do What It Do (Feat. Bishop Lamont) DOWNLOAD

Warren G - Garilla Pimpin' (Feat. Bishop Lamont) DOWNLOAD

Warren G - I Like That There (Feat. Bishop Lamont) DOWNLOAD

Warren G - Yes Sir (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Bishop Lamont) DOWNLOAD

Warren G - Ahh (Feat. Bishop Lamont, Frank Lee White & Chuck Taylor) DOWNLOAD

Warren G - All I Ask Of You (Feat. Frank Lee White, Chevy Jones & Bishop Lamont) DOWNLOAD

Bishop Lamont - On My Way To Own The Biz (Mixtape)

1. Welcome 2 LA
2. It's Bishop
3. Body Language
4. Let's Get It Poppin'
5. Put Your Glasses On (Feat. Guerilla Black & Tyrese)
6. Purgatory
7. Blast Off
8. Do That Shit (Feat. Chevy Jones)
9. Cheerio
10. Guerilla Pimpin' (Feat. Warren G)
11. Unstoppable
12. Change The World (Feat. Tyrese)
13. We Ain't Gangstas
14. Karma Sutra
15. New West Order (Feat. Tyrese)
16. Throw Ya Hood Up
17. Do It



Higgs said...

Thanks for those songs, I only had about 2 of those. And here was me, thinking I had every song.

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